eClinicalWorks (eCW) is one of the most popular electronic health records (EHR) software products available. Like most EHR’s, it offers a robust clinical interface that is  highly customizable. Unfortunately, most practitioners do not realize the full potential of their EHR. Time constraints, lack of vendor support post-purchase, and fear of techonology, are only a few of the reasons why one would not optimize their EHR. At eCWTemplates.com, the eCW user can share knowledge gained through everyday “real world” use so that everyone may benefit.

Why eCW?

Hopefully, your practice did the necessary due diligence prior to deciding an an EHR. Factoring in cost, support, implementation, user experience, viability for the future, one can make a short list of potentional vendors. Our primary care practice of 25 providers chose eClinicalWorks in 2006, and have stuck with it ever since. Though there were times when we have doubted the overall quality of eCW for a variety of reasons, it is the persistent growth of the company and response to today’s complex certification and potential government and/or insurer incentive solutions. Indeed, eCW’s practice management has been very well received by our administrators. Also, the meaningful use dashboard has a lot of promise. However, for the physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, medical assistant, or any other point-of-care user, eClinicalWorks presents somewhat of a challenge.

Why eCWTemplates.com?

Though eClinicalWorks does provide a user forum online, direct support and third party support services, there is still very little information specifically for providers to optimize their EHR experience at the point-of-care. Physicians are too busy to “tweak” eCW, and instead trudge through the multitude of windows and clicks just to complete their notes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a forum to share templates so one doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel? Frankly, the templates “out of the box” from eCW are lacking the real world feel that cause so many to curse at our computer screens when trying to make it through a busy day at the clinic.

Here at eCWTemplates.com, real health care providers are providing solutions to your real world EHR dilemmas. No upsells. No super techie talk. No affiliation with eClinicalWorks. Just independent advice and input. Sharing templates, reviewing Templates, and other tips so you can click less, and be more productive.

How it works?

Browse for your specialty or specific topic. Comment often. Be open to criticism. Still working on the best way to index templates for sharing..so stay tuned.

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